circRNA-encoded peptides

Information on peptides encoded by ribo-circRNAs

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Basic information of circRNA-derived open reading frame (cORF):

Tips: cORF represents the backsplice junction-spanning ORF.

cORF start cORF end cORF length (aa) phastCons cORF amino acid sequence

Summary of circRNA-encoded peptide characteristics

Tips: signal cleavage site prediction (SignalP), transmembrane domain prediction (TMHMM and Phobius), and N-terminal presequences prediction (TargetP).

SignalP5.0b: cleavage site present? TMHMM1.1: transmembrane domain present? Phobius1.01: transmembrane domain present? TargetP2.0: N-terminal presequences TargetP2.0: likelihood

DeepLoc location prediction of circRNA-encoded peptide

I-TASSER protein structure prediction of circRNA-encoded peptides